About The South Carolina

League of the South


The South Carolina League of the South (SCLoS) is associated with the League of the South (LS) and was organized in 1995. It is comprised of members, Red Shirts, and Rangers who reside in South Carolina , other states and countries. (see documents below)

The organization is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws through the appointment of offices identified as Chairman, Board of Director, Director, Regional Coordinator and County Chairman . The goal of the SCLoS is to secure a free and independent South Carolina by elected and appointed individuals serving at all levels of state government as demanded by the public.

The strong sentiment for an independent South Carolina is being augmented by providing educational and cultural symbols to the public through Southern Patriot Shops in Abbeville, Cayce and the internet store at www.confederatepatriotshop.com . Flagging is a euphemism used to describe large and small organized events to protest, picket or demonstrate our position on a particular political candidate or issue. In most cases these activities are reported accurately by the news media and especially by foreign press. The results, such as the defeat of David Beasley for a US senate seat is very rewarding.

The Southern Cultural Centre is used as a more refined way to inform and educate our citizens. Highly informed individuals, such as college professors provide information and training to those in attendance at conferences, meetings and hedge schools. These events will last from one day to a week. The Southern Cultural Centre is also developing a 2+ acre tract of land in Abbeville known as Secession Hill.

I encourage you to read the documents shown below. If you have additional questions, please contact me at layden@clicksouth.org . or by telephone at (803) 245-4124. If you agree with our agenda, your support will be appreciated.



•  Membership application

•  South Carolina Red Shirt application

•  1st South Carolina Ranger application

•  Secession Hill Memorial Park brochure

•  Constitution and Bylaws of the SCLoS

•  The Hunley Crew brochure

•  Our Guns Our Rights Our Future brochure